Conscious You — Become the Hero of Your Own Story (Book Snippet 1)

The topics that have come up most often in conversation with my clients, seem to be universal topics that keep many people up at night:

· feeling as if you are running in circles, repeating the same mistakes over and over again;

· frequently experiencing unpleasant (or even unbearable) situations or emotions;

· feeling weighed down by experiences in your past or your family’s past;

· getting hijacked by your emotions;

· struggling with intimacy and autonomy in relationships;

· not liking who you are;

· not liking who other people are;

· a generalized sense of hopelessness or frustration, summed up in the question of “why does this always happen to me?

In order to help my clients move beyond the above-described experiences, our work focuses on creating shifts in the following areas:

More self-awareness: A deeper understanding of how our brain creates the deception we experience as reality. Recognition of how universal human needs are driving our assumptions and behaviour. The ability to use our needs and fears as a compass for our own transformation.

More self-acceptance: Discovering and embracing the gifts hidden in every facet of our personality (even those that we are ashamed of). Realizing how our thoughts are at the centre of our reality. Revealing the well-being inside of us. Finding peace in the flowing and impermanent nature of life.

More choice: Being able to more often direct our awareness. Making more conscious and constructive choices to engage with ourselves and others.

Along the way, my clients often gain a deeper understanding of others. They are surprised about how much more acceptable or even loveable they start to find people in their life. If more self-awareness, self-acceptance and choice sound compelling to you, this book will speed up your journey.

All Models are Wrong

Many of the models described in this book are hybrids, meaning I borrowed from the work of great teachers whose ideas inspired me and reinterpreted their ideas in my own words to point towards what seems to me to be a deeper truth. The viewpoints and stories I tell are a description of different perspectives I have found to work, not a prescription for what you have to do or should do.

As a guiding principle, I love this quote:

Ultimately, all models and maps are approximations to help us make sense of our own, often confusing, experience. When we dare to challenge the accuracy of our thinking to date and allow fresh thinking to emerge, we will be amazed what there is to discover. As a result, to put it into the words of Werner Erhard, this “revealing of ourselves to ourselves” will “alter the possibility of being that we are”. It just might transform our life.

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Coaching CEOs and founders to re-invent their organisation as a Conscious Tribe | Engaged employees | Executive Coaching:

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Nadjeschda Taranczewski

Coaching CEOs and founders to re-invent their organisation as a Conscious Tribe | Engaged employees | Executive Coaching: