Sustaining Mental Health and a Supportive Organisational Culture in Times of Corona Virus and Climate Crisis

It is time to reconsider how we are running our lives and our businesses, how we travel, how we work together, and how we interact and connect

We must be open to (new) training solutions like blended learning

  • flexible — content can be interacted with from any device at any time;
  • cost-effective — programmes can be scaled across the entire system, thus creating a shared language throughout all levels of an organisation;
  • suitable for different learning styles — different channels are incorporated;
  • sustainable — blended learning has a positive effect on the transfer of learning compared to traditional classroom situations (Ceylan & Kesici, 2017 and Inal & Korkmaz, 2019);
  • climate friendly — there is no travel involved.
  • Videoconferencing and Online collaboration software: Videoconferencing software allows you to meet virtually as a team. We use Zoom because it allows us to create virtual break-out rooms for smaller group work. Free meeting options are available. Monday is our online collaboration tool that allows us to track projects and progress from anywhere at any time. Obviously, there are many different options to choose for both, videoconferencing and online collaboration, and many companies offer free versions. The issue is less which tool to chose but to chose one and make it work for you.
  • Efficient team meeting process: In order to make your team meetings as productive as possible, you can use the rotating meeting process. This will keep your meetings on track and the team members engaged.
  • Listening and sharing: We are social animals and we need to be in contact with others in order to manage our anxiety and counterbalance our isolation. Meet online with colleagues to share, to listen and be listened to. We introduce the Listening Circle to our clients as a simple way to deepen connections across the organisation.



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Nadjeschda Taranczewski

Nadjeschda Taranczewski

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