Hi Adam,

I have been sitting with this for a while and even wrote to Peter Koenig, the Source of the Source work.

I asked Peter if one of the misunderstandings might be that I am not just talking about “having an idea”, I am talking abut “channeling an impulse that comes from a greater field and taking the risk to make it happen”.

I asked Peter about that and also copied our previous exchange. Here is Peter’s response (he was happy for me to share it with you):

“Yours is a good point. Many people can come up with seemingly the same idea, though if you later get down to detail you’ll find they invariably have some difference in the end. This is the cause of the so many conflicts in practice. “Our idea”, which later turned out to be two or three or more ideas.

The point of identifying Source is not at all about “attributing ownership to defuse tension”, but about obtaining clarity to disentangle confusion! The emotional release if there is one comes from coming home to one’s identity following the stress of denial, and the elation of clarity after confusion.

Adam’s argument by the way is, ironically…. dualistic!, referring to source/not source, whereas yours/ours is holistic and transcendent. We’re not looking to see who’s source and who’s not, rather looking to see who’s source of what. All connected into a let’s-call-it Greater-Universe, but each with his and her unique calling and purpose, ordered according to the particular project. Whereby one’s particular place in the order is of no consequence to one’s feeling of fulfilment, because there’s no ego-attachment to the particular place.

It’s being in the right place to manifest one’s source fully that gives fulfilment and being/doing this simultaneously with others in their individual and correct places which leads to the emergence Adam’s talking about, synergy and the experience of ‘We’ amongst everybody.

Any other kind of ‘emergence’ is artificial, illusion, or simply intellectual ideology.



All of that being said, I couldn’t help think of my favourite quote by Lewis B. Smedes

“All models are wrong. And some of them are useful”.

My observations and experience of Source clearly don’t map with yours. That’s the beauty of all of us trying to decipher life by developing lenses and models that work — for some people, some of the time.



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