• Elizabeth Purvis

    Elizabeth Purvis

  • Dunia Reverter

    Dunia Reverter

  • Eleriin Käo

    Eleriin Käo

  • Eleonora Weistroffer

    Eleonora Weistroffer

  • 黃卉莉 Vicky

    黃卉莉 Vicky

    連續生涯轉型,持續突破整全,探尋生命目的,知天命第二人生。期許再創50+意義中年,連結與啟動「安可人生」運動,找回真我智慧,活出喜樂領導,圓滿英雄生命之旅。 透過社會企業家精神,個人與社群的教練對話,關注生命與工作的豐盛,個人與集體的智慧實踐。

  • Oliver Müller

    Oliver Müller

  • Tinu Abayomi-Paul

    Tinu Abayomi-Paul

    I write short posts laughing about the mess that is me. And long researched essays on being a better citizen of The World. We’re not free until we’re all free.

  • Vernon Loeb

    Vernon Loeb

    Vernon Loeb is investigations and enterprise editor at InsideClimate News. He lives in Philadelphia, is married to a reporter, and has four kids, all amazing.

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